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What’s the difference between translation and localisation? How to use “vous” in French? Will AI ever replace copywriters? Find the answers to some of your questions as well as useful tips and food for thought.

Because there are many topics we thought you might be interested in, we’ve decided to divide our articles into 4 categories:

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Whether you’re a professional working in marketing or an expert in communication, in this section you’ll find interesting and relevant articles about topics that matter to you.
Focus on Marketing
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Maybe you’re a copywriter yourself or just interested in content and copywriting… In any case, you might enjoy some of the articles we’ve compiled in this section.
The Writers' Hub
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We can’t help it, we love words and fun facts about languages. If you’re as nerdy as we are, you’ll enjoy reading the articles of this section as much as we enjoyed writing them.
The Linguists’ Corner
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New to content marketing? You’re in the right place! Consider this section your tool box. We’re sharing some of our knowledge and giving you our best tips.
Content Marketing Basics