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7 tips to boost your creativity as a copywriter

by Cam's Writing

Fellow copywriters, here are 7 ideas to increase your creativity

When you’re a copywriter, you have to be able to show your creativity on demand. Saying that it’s not always easy would be an understatement. And you don’t only have to come up with original ideas, you also have to find the right words.

In this article, we’re sharing our top tips to be more creative. Adopting these 7 habits will help you craft original, engaging and relevant copy, no matter who your clients are or what type of content you’re working on.

1. Read as much as you can

This advice might seem a bit basic but it totally makes sense: reading helps you improve your vocabulary and, therefore, improve your writing skills. You don’t have to stick to classic literature, you can read whatever you want, whether it’s Tolstoï or J. K. Rowling. And if novels are not your thing, pick up a magazine or a newspaper, or check the newest articles on your favourite blogs. Try to plan a moment to read every day and make sure it never becomes a chore. The more you’ll enjoy it, the more you’ll keep on reading.

2. Talk to colleagues

Copywriting is about conveying emotions that resonate with people. That’s why sharing your ideas and discussing them with other writers and marketing professionals is a great way to make sure they’ll work. You can also ask other creatives what campaigns or projects they’re working on. Imagine how you would have handled the challenge. By nature, being a copywriter tends to be a lonely job, so it’s important you find colleagues to talk to.

3. Don’t skip the ads

We know, ads can be very annoying – especially when you watch an online video and it keeps getting interrupted. But ignoring all ads might not be such a good idea when you work in marketing and advertising. When you do watch ads – or read promotional emails, take the time to ask yourself if you like them or not, and why. Who’s the target audience? What’s the main message and what are the secondary messages? What emotions does it trigger? This little analysing exercise is a great way to find inspiration for your own work.

4. Keep yourself updated

As our society evolves, so do people’s habits, trends and even the language itself. Don’t get lost because you rely too much on outdated knowledge. This can be as simple as having a conversation with your 13-year-old niece and try to understand the slang she uses with her friends. The media (social or not) are also a good source of information. When in doubt about how to use a specific expression or phrasing, you can always ask Google and see what most people do.

5. Take breaks

Even if you work a lot, you can’t be a copywriter all the time. You’re not a machine, and it’s ok. If you’re stuck and can’t find inspiration, take a break, go for a walk if you can. Always having to be creative because it’s your job can make you feel under pressure and become counterproductive. Don’t ask more from yourself than you would ask from anyone else. You made a typo when writing a text to a friend? It’s fine. They probably didn’t notice anyway. Outside office hours, take the time to relax and enjoy your breaks.

6. Play games

Games are a great way to boost your creativity while having fun. From Scrabble to Boggle, there are many board games out there that involve words and writing. Practice the art of being clear and concise while playing games like Time’s Up or Code Names, where you have to make someone guess something with just a few words. You can also give your imagination a good workout with games like Dixit, where you have to come up with a story based on an image. The best part is that you can play with whoever you want and still improve your professional skills!

7. Keep an open mind

You’re an expert in your field, a master wordsmith with a deep knowledge of your language… But that doesn’t make you infallible. One of the worst mistakes for a copywriter is to believe they’re always right and know everything. Listen to others, take their feedback into consideration and see it as a way to improve your work and learn. Every job is different, each brand or company has its way of getting things done. Sometimes, you’re free to work as you want to, but some other times you have to adapt and embrace your client’s processes. Always keep an open mind, that’s how you’ll grow and become an even better, more creative copywriter.

At Cam’s Writing, working as a team helps us stay on top of our game – that and the fact that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’ve noticed that it’s when doing something we love that we’re the most creative.
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