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At Cam’s Writing, we’re passionate about content and we’re proud to call ourselves wordsmiths. Unsurprisingly, we love everything about copywriting and content writing. Doing research on random topics, learning new things, finding the best way to deliver our client’s message while being true to their tone of voice… That’s what we do.

In this section, articles are created by writers, for writers. Here, we’ll talk about our experience, we’ll share some tips and we’ll discuss some issues related to copywriting and content writing. We hope that you’ll find some inspiration and, maybe, some answers to your questions.

You’re an experienced copywriter and you’d like to share your knowledge? Or you’d like us to explore some specific topics? Contact us to let us know what you’d like to read about or to become a guest blogger.

Light bulbs
As a copywriter, being creative on demand isn't always easy. That's why we’re sharing our top tips to boost your creativity.
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Cute woman, crude language
Nowadays, copywriters often take some liberty with the language and they sometimes use slang. But how far can they go?
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Two robots reading and writing
What's artificial intelligence? How does it work? And will machines ever replace translators and copywriters?
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Various icons representing SEO
SEO is much more than adding keywords to your text. Here's what every copywriter should know about it.
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Woman typing on typewriter
Do you have what it takes to be a marketing copywriter? Spoiler alert: this job is more than just writing copy...
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Open book, hero coming to life
Content marketing and advertising are nothing more than stories told by brands. Now, who's the hero of yours?
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