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The Linguists’ Corner

Do you ever think of how weird and unlogical French and English can be? As a bilingual agency, we keep switching from one language to the other. Despite not being translators, we still consider ourselves linguists since we’re localisation experts.

We love discussing linguistic oddities, etymology and fun facts about languages – yes, we’re aware that this makes us sound pretty nerdy, but we accept it. If you like words as much as we do, you’ll want to explore this section and check every article. The good news is you don’t have to be bilingual to enjoy them!

If there’s a specific topic you’d like us to cover in the Linguists’ Corner, or if you want to become a guest blogger, give us a shout!

Male and female symbols
Everyone's talking about inclusive writing, especially in France. But is it just a short-lived trend or the sign of society evolving?
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Man holding a bag with the Union Jack on it
The English language has infiltrated French marketing. But why? And how do French people react to this?
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Woman holding a card that says "Hello You"
Is French really more formal than English? And what does it mean when you localise your marketing content?
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Boxes with British and American flags on shelves
British English or American English? What are the differences and what's best for your content marketing?
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Woman hesitating between two choices
How do you deal with words and expressions that have no equivalent? Let's talk about the untranslatable.
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