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Focus on Marketing

Marketing is a broad term which includes many activities and processes. From market research to data analysis, branding, strategy and campaign management, roles in this domain vary a lot.

At Cam’s Writing, we tend to focus more on content, because that’s what we do. However, like any other marketing and communications professionals, we need to keep ourselves informed.

This section is where we’ll talk about the latest trends, where we’ll discuss marketing-related issues and news. Hopefully, the following articles will inspire you and start conversations.

If you’re an expert in this domain and want to share your opinion, contact us to become a guest blogger.

Mixed Scrabble letters
What are the differences between translation and localisation? And which one should you choose?
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Christmas tree decoration
For people in marketing, the last quarter of the year is usually dedicated to one thing: Christmas.
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Woman wearing mask in supermarket post-Covid
What will marketing look like post-Covid? Should brands change the way they communicate?
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