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Freelancer or agency?

by Cam's Writing

Who will you trust with your web content?

From small businesses to global companies, nowadays everyone needs web content, or at least a website. So, who can plan, write, localise and optimise it for you? A freelancer or an agency? Who will you trust to deliver content that matches your expectations?

You might have thought of doing it yourself or asking your intern. It’s quite common to see young entrepreneurs trying to do everything themselves in order to reduce the costs or because they struggle to delegate. You know your brand, you can write without making (too many) spelling and grammar mistakes, so why not do it yourself?

Well… There is a reason why people hire builders even if they’re good at DIY or pay for meals at restaurants even if they can cook. Professional writers have an expertise, years of experience, some knowledge of SEO and marketing techniques. If you need some content, you can do it yourself. If you want good content, you should trust the professionals.

Freelance copywriters and translators

Freelance content writers and copywriters come in all shapes and sizes. Some are self-employed, some are contractors, with their own limited company. Most of the time, freelancers specialise in one industrie or one type of content. Do some research or ask for recommendations to find your perfect match. Obviously, the most experienced professionals have the highest rates.

If you need content in more than one language, you could consider hiring a freelance translator. They are great linguists, with years of training and experience. However, some companies prefer to work with bilingual copywriters instead of translators. Their reason? The skills required to localise web and marketing content are very specific.

Pros: A freelance copywriter will get to know your brand and craft high-quality content following your creative brief. You should always be able to ask for a round of edits if the first version doesn’t match your expectations, but don’t be tempted to rewrite everything. If you’ve hired a pro, you have to trust their expertise.

Cons: A freelancer is just a person and nobody’s perfect. Even if you find the right writer for you, they can get sick or encounter technical or personal issues that can lead to delays. They might have to juggle between several clients and not be as available as you’d need them to be. Finally, the amount of work one person can do per day is also limited.

Content marketing or translation agencies

If you’re not sure you want to trust an individual or if you’re going to need high volumes of content, it makes sense to work with a company. Searching online, you’ll find hundreds of content marketing agencies and language service providers. From global well-established companies with offices all over the world to smaller agencies specialised in a niche market, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Their location doesn’t always matter. You can choose an agency based near you, or far away – most of the work can usually be done remotely anyway. The important thing before signing a contract with an agency is to take the time to speak with them. Explain what you want, ask about their team and their processes. You can even ask for a test to be completed to make sure they’re a good match for your business.

Pros: Whether you require copywriting or localisation, an agency will be able to deliver content faster than any individual writer or translator. Most of the time, those companies look for long-term relationships with their clients, so your agency could become a sort of external dedicated content team – with much more flexibility than an in-house one.

Cons: Big agencies tend to have big teams and complicated processes. In some cases, your account manager might not be able to speak any other language than English, and you might not be able to talk directly with the writers. Ask your agency about their selection process. You want to make sure that the copywriters and translators working on your content are qualified – which is unfortunately not always the case with some agencies.

At Cam’s Writing, we work with a pool of freelancers so we can find the right talents for your content, the writers and language experts that are specialised in your industry. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of content and to make your life easier. That’s why we’ll always treat you as a VIP and make sure the communication between us is smooth and easy, in English, in French – or both.

If you have any questions about how to get started with your content marketing, or if you want to discuss a potential collaboration, give us a shout.