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Make the most of influencer marketing

Why can your business benefit from a good influencer marketing strategy?

You’ve heard about influencer marketing but you’re not sure exactly what it is? You’d like to benefit from it but you don’t know how to make it work for your business? Well, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll give you some insights on how it can be used effectively and why you should get your head around it now.

What’s influencer marketing?

It involves collaborating with relevant influencers in your niche to promote your brand and increase your revenue. With the rise of social media usage, influencers have become key players for increasing brand awareness and catching your audiences’ attention. In a world where Millennials (born 1981-96) spend on average 2 hours and 30 minutes on social media each day, collaborating with influencers helps you cut through the noise and attract new customers to your brand.

However, planning and implementing a successful campaign isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires a deep understanding of how influencer marketing works, and mainly, of how to use it well for the specificities of your business.

The current state of the influencer marketing landscape

The coronavirus crisis has disrupted every industry one way or another. This unprecedented period has reshaped the world and the changes will last even after the pandemic is under control. In the first few weeks after the announcement of the lockdown in European countries, influencers were quite worried as they saw many of their sponsorship deals shut down and events cancelled. Similarly, specialised agencies saw brands postpone or cancel campaigns.

But as we all had to adapt to this “new normal”, marketers discovered that the influencer-marketing business model could be particularly well-suited to a time in which all shops are closed and everyone has to stay at home.

Everything online boomed during lockdown, and engagement on social media posts was higher than normal. Some influencers gained a spectacular increase in followers, like Chloe Ting, an Australian fitness and workout Influencer, who passed from 1 million followers in February 2020 to 16 millions in November. The current pandemic has had a very positive impact on the influencer marketing industry. Indeed, 73% of marketers have allocated more resources to Influencer marketing this year. This trend won’t stop anytime soon, so now is the best time ever to start working with influencers.

Influencer marketing is crucial for your content strategy

From creating engaging content to increasing the number of likes and comments on your social media posts, investing in influencer marketing is not just to increase brand awareness and boost your sales. It’s an integral part of a good content and social media strategy too. The influencers selected for a campaign will be paid or gifted for promoting your product on their social accounts, but to get the most out of this partnership, it doesn’t stop there. By reposting the pictures or videos they produced in your own social media, you can successfully improve the quality of your content and make it more user-centric.

In addition to that, content that features influencers is often seen as more authentic and trustworthy. If it hits the right chord with your audience, they’re likely to share it with their networks. A good example of influencer marketing, social media marketing and content marketing used in synergy is announcing an Instagram giveaway. Such posts usually receive a large number of likes and comments, but most importantly they can widely increase your own social media engagement and following.

Another way to get the most out of an influencer partnership is to use the pictures and the user-experience to create organic SEO content, by writing a blog post for your website. Using their name in it will allow you to connect you with an audience that would have remained inaccessible otherwise. This is increasingly becoming a necessity for marketers and instead of asking why influencer marketing is important, marketers should focus on how to do it better.

A lot of false beliefs about influencer marketing

As this promotional marketing technique is still relatively new, there are a lot of false preconceptions about its application and how to use it successfully. Here are the two main false beliefs about influencer marketing:

It’s just for big businesses

The first thing that often stops businesses from using influencer marketing strategies is the belief that they’ll have to spend thousands and thousands of pounds for every collaboration they negotiate.

Partnerships with macro-influencers (500k to 1M followers) or celebrities (more than 1M followers) are of course awesome for generating brand awareness and for gaining new customers. However, let’s face it, this kind of partnership isn’t suitable for every business, especially small ones. Something that’s often disregarded by companies, but should definitely become more of an interest, is collaborations with micro-influencers (10k to 100k followers). Because of their smaller audience size, they appear as more trustworthy, authentic, and relatable for people, which often generates a higher engagement rate on their social media accounts.

However, the tricky part for a successful micro-influencers marketing campaign is finding the right person for your market audience. As they’re smaller, they’re also harder to find. So if you’re thinking of starting to work with them for your business you should plan hours, days or even weeks for searching and selecting the relevant influencers.

It’s only for “impulse buy products”

Another wrong assumption is that it’s only effective for promoting a certain type of product. The most famous influencers often promote a lot of fast fashion and beauty products, which cost between £10 and £50. In a few clicks, the customer can buy the recommended product, because it is cheap and easily accessible. These are impulse buy products.

Even if impulse buy products are truly ideal to be effectively promoted by influencers, other products can massively benefit from this type of campaign. The strategies for impulse buy products promotion and non-impulse buy products promotion are very different, so bear that in mind when you are planning your next influencer campaign.

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