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Make your customer the hero of your story

by Cam's Writing

Every story needs a hero

What are content marketing and advertising if not stories told by brands?
You’re just the narrator, don’t be tempted to give yourself the leading role. Your customer should always be the hero. Not your company, not your brand, not your product.

Your customer at the heart of the action

You’ve probably read somewhere one day that your customers don’t care about you or your products, and it’s true. Like most human beings, they care mainly about themselves.

Planning the holiday of a lifetime, finding the perfect gift for someone, treating the whole family to a tasty meal, discovering the secret to a younger-looking skin… Whatever their goal, your heroes are on a quest and the story must be about them, how they feel and what they can achieve.

When Cinderella gets ready to go to the ball, no one cares where her dress comes from, if it’s 80% viscose, 20% cotton, express delivery, buy now pay later with the code “FairyGodmother”… What matters is that she’ll look stunning in it and the Prince will only have eyes for her.

But you’re here to help

Even the bravest, strongest heroes need a little help sometimes, that’s where sidekicks come in.

Frodo would never have been able to carry the ring into Mordor without Samwise Gamgee, Aladdin would never have been able to save the day (and the princess) without the Genie, and Harry Potter wouldn’t have survived his first year at Hogwarts without Ron and Hermione…

You don’t get to be the hero but you still have an important role to play. More than just selling a product or a service, you’re here to help, to support and provide assistance.

You’re fighting the same villain(s)

When they’re about to embark on an epic adventure, every hero wants to make sure them and their companions share the same values. The villains are not just your competitors, that would be too easy.

Villains here come in many different forms. In order to establish yourself as a trustworthy ally, you need to convince your hero that you and them share a common cause.

Together, you can combat unfair prices, fight to ensure the triumph of high quality or good taste, or become the champions of locally sourced products. It’s even more relevant if your brand claims to be responsible, eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable.

With your product, they can overcome obstacles

Can you imagine Luke Skywalker without his lightsaber? Marty McFly without the DeLorean? Or Forrest Gump without his box of chocolates?

Your product will allow the hero to progress, solve a problem or achieve a goal (which can be as petty as removing a stain on the carpet or finding a way to impress the in-laws next time they come for dinner).

Think of what you’re selling and what can be done with it, and imagine the most epic use of your product… Are you feeling inspired? Your customer should be.

Happily ever after?

Well… This one doesn’t work. If your customers really live happily ever after once they’ve bought your product or service, it’s unlikely that they’ll buy again in the future.

That’s why it’s better (and more efficient from the sales perspective) to see each campaign as one episode, one chapter in a never-ending story.

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