What we do

Working with a team of talented French and British writers and marketing specialists, our goal is to provide reliable and accessible content solutions to help you reach your target audience in France, in the UK - or both.

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Web content

To improve your online presence, you need great web content – especially in today’s busy landscape. We’re here to help you define your content strategy, to write, localise or revise your website, blog content or landing pages. We’re used to working closely with our clients to create SEO-friendly copy that is engaging, enjoyable and relevant for your customers.

Email marketing

Email marketing is and will always be an important channel of communication. That’s why each of your emails should be crafted with care. If you’re planning to launch a newsletter, adapt your communication to a foreign market or rework your triggered emails, we can support you all the way from the campaign ideation to the final version of the copy.

Advertising material

We know how important transcreation and localisation are to make a global or international campaign successful. For your concept to have the same impact in a foreign country, you need more than a translation. You need bilingual copywriters, that are native specialists of your target market and who will adapt your advertising material to reach your customers.

We love a challenge

Whether you need a year of content planning for your blog, solutions for bilingual dynamic content in your emails or localised jokes for your A.I. assistant, we can help.

Whatever your requirements are, you can count on us to proactively collaborate with you and deliver the best experience for your customers.

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Why should I choose to work with you?

We can guarantee the high quality of the content we deliver by having the copy proofread and revised by a second copywriter after it has been written or localised.

Can I skip the proofreading step to get a lower price?

No. This process is part of our DNA. That’s how we work and how we make sure that the content we deliver matches your expectations in terms of quality, tone of voice, SEO requirements, etc.

What if I just need you to translate my content?

We don’t call ourselves translators. We are copywriters. We localise, transcreate and adapt the content to your target market. We do not do simple translations.

I have a project but I don’t have a clear brief yet. Is it too soon to contact you?

You can contact us at any stage of your project. We can follow your brief or we can help you define it by discussing your requirements before setting up a process together.

What are your prices?

Each job is different and requires different skills and efforts from our team. Let us know a bit about you, your project and your deadline and we’ll get back to you shortly with a detailed quote.

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